Janine Prins

Anthropologist-filmmaker and educator. Curious, grounded, agile and gutsy. Always looking for new formsbe it in documentary film, creative research, or any project:

‘…challenging habitual ways of perceiving through innovative approaches…’

Currently investigating art installation politics and expanded cinema practice.

Coaches with empathy, a keen eye, open mind, sense of humour, and a sharp tongue if necessary. Independent thinker and team player.



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Janine Prins graduated from the National Film and Television School in England as documentary filmmaker (1990-94) after she obtained a masters degree (drs.) from Leiden University as visual anthropologist in 1986.

She worked for television companies in various capacities, yet prefers to operate as independent visual anthropologist, currently working towards various outputs for 'Legacy of silence' based on her own colonial cultural (in)tangible heritage. 

As research fellow she participated in RICHES, an ERC academic research project on 21st century cultural heritage, for Waag Society in collaboration with the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology, involving a co-creation process based on design thinking. 

In 2007 the Erasmus Euromedia Sponsorship Award was received for 'Expeditie Europa’, an innovative crossmedia project for Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad, co-authored with Hans Beerekamp.

As self-employed education professional regular customers include Leiden University, Utrecht School of the Arts, Stenden University, and the Nederlands Film Academy. Janine Prins is registered in the Dutch national education professionals database CRKBO.

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